Lifeplate 4.0
Lifeplate 4.0
Lifeplate 4.0
Lifeplate 4.0
Lifeplate 4.0
Lifeplate 4.0
Lifeplate 4.0
Lifeplate 4.0
Lifeplate 4.0
Hersteller: MAXXUS

Lifeplate 4.0

Art.Nr.: GSMX-600184-00019-0001

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Lifeplate 4.0

MAXXUS vibration plate LifePlate 4.0 

Oscillating vibrations and 3D vibrations, 2 motors!
The highlights of the MAXXUS vibration plate LifePlate 4.0 at a glance
Powerful drive
Oscillating, side-alternating vibrations
3D vibrations
Oscillating vibrations and 3D vibration can be combined
Simulation of walking, jogging and running
Training poster included
Full-body muscle-building training
Extra large training surface with surface rubberisation
Increased calorie turnover through movement during training
Orientation points for foot placement
Quiet running, therefore can also be used in apartment buildings (approx. 55dB)
Flexible training straps and wireless hand-held transmitter included in delivery
Muscle building, fat reduction, stretching, running simulation, relaxation, massage
Further details of the MAXXUS vibration plate LifePlate 4.0

Various training possibilities
In addition to the full-body muscle building training with 3D vibrations, the LifePlate® 4.0 offers the simulation of a running training in relation to the muscles primarily used during running. This means a double benefit for the user.

Oscillating vibrations
The LifePlate® 4.0 generates optimised oscillating vibration.
The benefits of oscillating vibration for training are obvious:

More movement for more calorie turnover
Optimal stimulation of the musculature
Tightening of the skin
Improvement of coordination
Gentle training with low frequencies
Ideal for stretching and massage
Quiet in use

Low training frequencies with oscillation
As the LifePlate® 4.0 works with an oscillating movement in addition to the 3D vibration, the training frequencies can be selected very low in contrast to conventional vibration plates.

3D vibrations
The LifePlate® 4.0 generates powerful 3D vibrations that promote muscle growth and make training particularly effective. The 3D vibrations enable a particularly gentle workout, as there is no movement in the form of impact on the joints.

Oscillating vibrations and 3D vibrations combined
With the LifePlate® 4.0 you not only have the choice between 3D vibrations and oscillating vibrations, but you can combine both functions.
This way you can get the best of both forms of training together.

Massage function
After sports, after work and before fitness training, a massage to loosen up on the LifePlate® 4.0 makes a lot of sense. The relaxation of the muscles brings about a quick improvement in well-being. Relax with vibrations or gentle oscillations. Stretching exercises after sporting activities can also be carried out with gentle vibrations. An effective loosening of the muscles takes place through the vibrations.

Training straps
The flexible training straps included in the delivery help to stabilise the body during training. Thanks to the expander effect, pulling exercises are possible during training on the LifePlate® 4.0.

Quiet operation thanks to cushioning and low training frequency
The LifePlate® 4.0's built-in damping and low training frequencies allow it to be used in normal apartment buildings without unnecessarily disturbing the neighbours. The damping is clearly noticeable when exercising on the plate. The vibrations are gently transmitted to the body. We recommend the use of an optionally available floor protection mat to further increase the damping of the LifePlate® 4.0 and to protect the floor.

Simple operation with radio transmitter
The LifePlate® 4.0 is conveniently operated by radio transmitter, which can be worn on the arm like a watch and is therefore always within reach. Of course, the operation is also possible directly at the cockpit on the plate.

The LifePlate® 4.0 is equipped with a 200W and an additional 40W powerful drive, which generate the movements and vibrations of the plate. The high torque of the motor allows a smooth movement without loss of power during deflection. The drive is pleasantly quiet thanks to the special motor. With a sound level of approx. 55dB, the LifePlate® 4.0 can be used in the living room.

Training that is easy on the joints
The LifePlate® 4.0 cushioning system ensures a training that is gentle on the joints and effective at the same time. Especially the foot, knee and hip joints, but also the spine are less stressed during training. The low frequency with optimised stroke of the training plate in oscillating training mode makes the training particularly gentle and yet effective.

Cockpit operation
The clearly laid out cockpit of the LifePlate® 4.0 makes it quick and easy to set the training time and intensity.

Included in delivery:
Maxxus® training poster in DIN A1 format.

* Pictures of a total of 33 exercises (strengthening, massage, stretching) *
* detailed exercise descriptions *
* Training tips / training instructions

Lifeplate 4.0

Art.Nr.: GSMX-600184-00019-0001

EAN: 4260244716044

Hersteller: MAXXUS

Gewicht: 18.40 kg

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