LifePlate 2.0
LifePlate 2.0
LifePlate 2.0
LifePlate 2.0
LifePlate 2.0
LifePlate 2.0
LifePlate 2.0
LifePlate 2.0
LifePlate 2.0
LifePlate 2.0
LifePlate 2.0
Hersteller: MAXXUS

LifePlate 2.0

Art.Nr.: GSMX-600305-00019-0001

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LifePlate 2.0

LifePlate 2.0

super modern slim design
ultra-effective 3D vibrations
large training surface
extremely space-saving
extensive accessories
frequency range from 15 to 40 Hz in 99 steps
immediately ready for use without assembly
No time for the gym or extensive training sessions? No problem!

With the LifePlate 2.0 you can quickly get into top shape at home or on the road. Just 10 minutes of daily training is enough to efficiently burn fat, reduce weight and tone your skin. The LifePlate 2.0 is a real all-rounder in the smallest space and replaces a variety of training equipment. Long and boring training sessions are a thing of the past. Get your body in top shape in a short time - when and where you want!

High fat burning through vibration training
Are you looking for an effective and time-saving way to train your body?

Then training with the LifePlate 2.0 is the perfect solution! From beginners to competitive athletes - this vibration plate offers numerous training exercises and application possibilities for every fitness level.

Possible uses of the LifePlate 2.0:

Body shaping & toning
Muscle building
Fat burning
Weight reduction
Massage function
The LifePlate 2.0 is also the ideal training partner for your health. Vibration training boosts the metabolism, increases blood circulation and has been proven to have a positive effect on bone density, ideal for osteoporosis.

3D vibration - simple principle with maximum effect
With conventional training you train at best 60% of your muscles. With vibration training you also reach the deep muscles. That is why training with the LifePlate 2.0 is so effective and time-saving, because simply put, up to 100% of your muscles are activated and trained.

The MAXXUS LifePlate 2.0 works with 3D vibrations. This means that the vibration stimulus runs vertically (up / down) and in all four horizontal directions (forward, backward, right & left).

The principle of action on the muscles and your body is simply explained, your body compensates for the vibrations. In other words, the muscles fight against the vibrations in order to reduce or compensate for them.

The modern technology of the LifePlate 2.0 supports you in this:

powerful & energy-efficient DC motor
state-of-the-art chip-based digital control unit
broad vibration spectrum from 15 to 40 Hz
finely dosed gradations of the load in 99 levels

Highly effective whole body training
A complete whole-body workout usually requires a large number of training machines that take up a lot of space and require a lot of time. With the LifePlate 2.0, all that is a thing of the past. Train your whole body in just 10 minutes a day with the multifunctional vibration plate - and with minimal space requirements.

Whether you want to train your whole body or specific muscle groups, such as abdomen, legs, buttocks, back, arms, etc., the LifePlate 2.0 offers you the right and effective exercise for all muscles. To optimise the training of the arms, back and shoulders, two elastic training straps with handles are already included in the delivery.

Other ultra-effective uses
Fat reduction & weight loss:

The intense vibrations of the LifePlate 2.0 bring energy to the body, causing muscles to contract up to 40x per second. The increased muscle output burns a lot of calories.


What could be better than getting a massage after an intense workout or a stressful day at work? Use the vibrations of the LifePlate 2.0 for your relaxation. The deep effect ensures optimal blood circulation and loosens tense muscles. Especially in case of tension pain in the cervical vertebrae and lower back area, the tensions can be relieved by the vibrations.

LifePlate 2.0

Art.Nr.: GSMX-600305-00019-0001

EAN: 4260244718062

Hersteller: MAXXUS

Gewicht: 15.00 kg

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